Additional Charges

Local Authority Placements

Within the context of Residents eligible for local authority funding, the local council agrees to care homes making reasonable Additional Service Charges for facilities, goods and services that it believes are superior to those set out within the standard care home contract.

For the year 2013/14 East Renfrewshire Council have agreed to Newark Care levying upon local authority funded residents the following Additional Service Charges:

  • Provision of free minibus service £9 per week
  • Cost of Kashrut catering £20 per week


Note  – that for those entering one of our Homes under a self-funding arrangement these charges are already covered within the weekly fee.

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Additional Care Charges
Where a Resident has been assessed by the local council as requiring a level of care which involves the input of more staff hours than the provider would normally need to use under standard care provision, then the council will usually agree to pay Additional Care Charges.

Additional Care Charges are paid directly to the provider by the council and the Resident is not required to contribute to such costs.
Extra Goods and Services
Newark Care can arrange for the provision of a range of extra goods and services for our Residents in addition to those covered by the standard weekly fee for their care and accommodation. These goods and services are charged for separately to the Resident’s personal account. A current Price List for these services is provided on admission and can be supplied on request.