Chaplaincy & Spirituality

Chaplaincy & Spirituality

The primary purpose for which Newark Care was formed as a charity in 1949 was, in the first instance, to serve and support the Jewish community.

Consequently our Homes meet the religious and cultural needs of people of the Jewish faith through the observance of the Sabbath, the Jewish festivals and in the provision of kosher food. However, we are more than happy to accept Residents of other faiths or of none. *

Religious Observance

Residents who wish to practise their religion will be given every possible help and assistance to do so.
In the Synagogue (Shul) in each Home we celebrate the Jewish Sabbath and each of the main Jewish Festivals through the year. All our Residents have the opportunity to participate or not as they wish. Residents’ observances will vary but respect is given to all.

Residents who are not of the Jewish faith will be given all reasonable assistance to contact their religious representatives and, where practical, to attend services in accordance with their faith. Alternatively, they can be visited at any time by their clergy and have services/communion in their own room. We can usually arrange for a spiritual leader or member of a relevant congregation to visit a Resident on request.

* For those outwith the Jewish community considering applying for a place in one of our Homes, a short introduction to the Jewish way of life is available. Click the link to download.

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