Our desire is to see our Residents live their lives as fully as possible. To this end we encourage Residents to continue to enjoy as wide a range of individual and group activities as possible both inside and outside the Home; to carry on with existing hobbies, interests and relationships, and to explore new avenues and experiences.

We have regular organised social activities such as music and movement, recognising special occasions, entertainers and events involving other organisations or volunteers. We hope that new friendships among Residents will develop and that Residents will enjoy being part of a community. However, there is no compulsion on a Resident to join in any of the communal social activities.  You can view our upcoming activities by visiting the News Page.

All Residents are entitled to use any of the facilities provided within the building and its garden; but those who wish to, may remain in their own rooms whenever they like. All areas of the building are accessible to wheelchair users.

For the benefit of all Residents and staff, all the communal areas of the Home are designated as non-smoking. One designated room in the Home has been created and set aside for those Residents who wish to smoke.

We aim to give Residents opportunities to participate in all aspects of the life of the Home. In particular, they are encouraged to participate in Residents’ Meetings and we have a Residents’ Committee.

We regularly organise day trips and shorter excursions to places of interest in and around the West Coast of Scotland.