Newspapers & Journals

Newspapers and journals are delivered to the Home daily. We can arrange for the delivery of your own newspaper on request. Newspapers and magazines are charged to the Resident’s own personal account.

Postal Services

Personal mail will be delivered to Residents shortly after it arrives at the Home. Residents’ requiring to send post should leave it at the front desk by the main door.


There is a fully equipped hairdressing salon on site. The Home has an arrangement with a self-employed hairdresser who takes appointments on Thursdays and Fridays each week, depending on demand. Residents wishing to make an appointment with their own private hairdresser may make use of the salon on site outwith these scheduled sessions.


Should you require a telephone in your room you can arrange with BT to install a direct dial line.

Residents’ IT Access

A personal computer is available on site for the use of Residents. This offers free internet access, email services and Skype. Please speak to the senior in charge to arrange for time on this PC. There is also wireless internet access throughout the home and a member of staff can provide you with the login details.